Hi! Welcome to my site.
My most exciting project is Writing and Producing “The Lawman” a true story about my famous Daddy. He is my HERO and I am honored to be Don “The Lawman” Slatton’s daughter! I felt with all of his amazing careers from Pro Heavy Weight Boxer, Policeman; that arrested America’s most wanted Gangster Billy Sol Estes, Professional Wrestler, Actor and finished his career as owner of SOS Bail Bond-the largest in Texas; doing his OWN bounty hunting…
My Daddy’s colorful life story needed to be told!
My Daddy was a true Texan through and through, loved his fans and I will be shooting most of the film in my great home state of Texas!

I am Producing and Hosting a Wellness Show in 2016; You Change a informative Wellness Show. I have always been committed to Health and Well Being and I am thrilled to share products, retreats, books and professionals in the Health Industry!

I grew up in West Texas with a lovely humble, Christian value system of God and my parents. My Momma had me on stage dancing at age two. I instantly fell in love with performing! I was involved with the Arts from multiple types dance to musically- piano, flute and violin. In High School and College I was a Cheerleader and on the Dance Teams. My spare time was filled with watching sports, hunting and fishing. Joys of being an only child! Given my Daddy is Texan and a famous “Old School Wrestler”- Don “The Lawman” Slatton, it was a natural priority in our house…Andre the Giant, Terry and Dory Funk, The Von Eric’s were our dear friends and a regular guest in our home. It seemed so normal that a Giant and all these banged up Wrestlers were in my house. Also normal, was learning how to do wrestling moves as soon as I could walk!

My Daddy was been in several movies. I was introduced to the Acting world when Daddy’s first movie was Paradise Alley, Sylvestor Stallone produced and directed. Daddy played himself “The Lawman” in Jackie Chan’s first movie in the United States – The Big Brawl. Then he landed a speaking part in Silkwood , I experienced being on set for a week with amazing Actors. It opened my eyes to what my future could be when Merle Streep passed in front of my young eyes and I wanted to walk in her footsteps…

However, I was in the middle of a very successful Corporate Career in Sales and Marketing when I found my passion in Acting years into my adult life. After being involved in several Infomercial projects, I changed careers. I have enjoyed my transition to becoming an Actor,Host and Spokesperson. I love the challenge of being vulnerable and training for something new. I owned a Wellness Studio so I feel like I am able to inspire people to be healthy, balanced and have their dreams that are passion filled. Life can be full of unexpected adventures and then sometimes everything just falls into place…

I want to thank “Team Donna” for all of the love and balance they provide in my life consistently, every day!

I am forever grateful to my first Acting Coach Scott Shultzman, My current private coach Natalia Lazarus- I will make you proud! The Promenade Consevatory for the ongoing training,love and support.
Most importantly I could not do anything with out God my Momma and Daddy…

God Bless,
Donna J.

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